Ivideon Alternatives

for Cloud Video Monitoring

Mike Colagrossi

29 September 2017

At home surveillance is one of the best ways to keep your house safe and now you can rest easy knowing knowing your family and belongings are under a watchful and protective eye. Ivideon is one of many at home solutions for cloud video monitoring. This company and many other Ivideon alternatives have ushered in a new era of monitoring for your children, pets and hired help. This type of software closes the gap between worry and safety.

Cloud IOT for Cloud Video Monitoring Explained

Cloud video monitoring is the modern day solution for surveillance. Cameras connected to Cloud IOT software are accessible from a myriad of devices, including computers and smartphones. Rather than having to sit behind the screen like an security guard, cloud video monitoring has the ability to detect suspicious events and then send notifications to the viewer behind the screen. Past events are recorded and stored in a secure database for ease of use so that you can go back and check to see what has happened. There are a number of reasons that someone would need this kind of software. The ability to protect your home with video surveillance is one. It’s also a new technically advanced way to keep an eye on the kids when you’re outside of the house or in a different part of your home. If you have hired a babysitter or the cleaner is making rounds – you can rest assured no harm will come to your possessions around the house. Cloud based solutions can be used for protection and surveillance or even a bit of fun.

What is Invideon?

Ivideon is one such type of cloud video monitoring software. It acts as the central cloud hub for connecting to your cameras and gives the ability to manage them in a number of ways. There are both business and home solutions that fit individual and enterprise needs. We’re looking at many different kinds of software that target the individual looking for a cloud IOT solution for their family home surveillance needs.

Why do we choose Invideon Cloud 10 for price comparison?

The Ivideon Cloud 10 plan – as its namesake suggests, holds up to ten days of full recording events. These can all be accessed in the cloud. It’s a moderate price point for families looking for a plan for the home. It allows for camera access between four other users and an unlimited local archive of footage. Video can be exported into a 2 hour long clip and it comes equipped with smart notifications when irregular sounds or motions are detected.

Invideon Alternatives

Suspicious motions and sounds are fully recorded when they’re detected.


Four friends or family members can access the camera at all times.


Your camera can download an archived recording for export.


Invideon Cloud 10 Plan

Angelcam Cloud Video Monitoring

Live camera view from anywhere with camera status notifications.


Full HD video supported along with crystal clear sound.


The ability to share video clips and have no data limit.

$71.88/year per camera
 Starter 7 plan
MangoCam Cloud Video Monitoring

Sources up to 14 days of video retention for playback.


Offline alerting combined with motion detection and alerts.


Supports up to four cameras with up to 30 fps.

Mangocam  Gold Plan
CameraFTP Cloud Video Monitoring

Real time viewing & playback with unlimited cloud storage.


A daily camera event report that sources what’s happened on film.


IP Cam, webcam, mobile and web based camera viewer options.


Premier Image
CamCloud Cloud Video Monitoring

Cloud storage timeline used to manage recorded media and live video.


Camera health check that diagnoses camera connectivity issues.


Organization of cameras by labels and filters for user access.

14 Day Storage
Sens.net Cloud Video Monitoring

One month storage for playback on any number of cameras.


Remote live access through smartphone and computer applications.


Text message and email alerts for motion detection and irregular movement.

One Simple Plan (4 Cameras)

Invideon Alternatives: Invideon vs other Cloud Video Surveillance Services

Invideon VS Angelcam

Invideon vs Angelcam

The world of CCTV cameras took a while to evolve into the current cloud atmosphere it is in now. At home solutions have been created by both Ivideon and Angelcam. One of the major things Angelcam sought to do was give the individual power to view different kinds of a cameras in a unified manner. That is when the Angelcam platform was created to cater to the majority of cameras and support them for home use. Both strive to make the setup as easy and intuitive as possible.

Angelcam sets themselves apart by offering plug in devices that are already ready and will go hand-in-hand with their software. This is called their AngelBox and is a simple plug and play device that will connect with the majority of cameras out on the market.

Angelcam charges on a per camera basis but offers a lot of special deals that can help offset that cost during initial setup. With $71.88 a year it competes at 7 day retention compared to the 10 day retention for Ivideon. Both of these are great for at home solutions and ease of setup.

Invideon vs Mangocam

Invideon vs Mangocam

For the security minded folks around here – an important aspect of any surveillance system is smart recording and motion detection. Both Ivideon and Mangocam utilize something called intelligent motion detection and alerting. It’s a machine based visual detection system that only alerts the user when suspicious or irregular motion has been detected. This is great for minimizing storage costs and only alerting you when there might be an issue.

Mangocam takes this a step further and has added something called the “motion detection only” recording feature. When this is activated there will be a lessened risk of false alerts. These alerts also coincide with offline monitoring which lets you know if your network or camera is down. It will assist with booting those back up and getting them online again.

Personal plans focus on the individual camera for mangocam and for a little extra money per month compared to Ivideon, you can retain up to 14 days worth of video with the Gold Plan. Advanced kinds of audio recording and high definition camera solutions are supported and included with this plan as well.

Invideon vs CameraFTP

Invideon vs CameraFTP

Creating a home security system has gotten easier over the year with the advent of cloud visual IOT solutions coming into play. CameraFTP and Ivideon both have gone past the traditional and costly hardware systems of conventional systems and instead leveraged modern solutions like smartphone apps and webcams as security cameras. The idea is to get past the costly nature of acquiring expensive cameras and instead using pre existing technology and turning that into a shared camera surveillance environment.

For example, with CameraFTP you don’t even need to have a traditional camera to get started. Any old webcam or laptop can act as an IP camera. The CameraFTP VSS software needs to be downloaded for all PCs and then for smartphones, the special Mobile Security Camera app will suffice. Security and low cost are combined through the ability to store backups in the CameraFTP backend cloud service. If a camera is stolen for example, that won’t be a problem as there is a backup and none of the information is sourced and archived locally.

The Premier Image plan is one of the cheaper options as it comes with most standard features and seven day retention. The base plan comes with high quality image capture and the added functionality of multiple camera usage that can be linked up and used together.

Invideon vs Camcloud

Invideon vs Camcloud

An open platform strives to be compatible with as many cameras as possible. Both ivideon and Camcloud can attest to this fact. It is also important not only to take camera connection into account, but local storage and encoder options as well. Many leading brands like Samsung, Amcrest and VIVOTEK are staple camera products that are easily compatible with leading cloud IOT video monitoring software. The ability to use storage options like SD cards and DVR/NVR encoders is also very important.

Camcloud has solved this by opting for plug and play setup with a number of popular camera solutions. Take Amcrest for an example. The entire line of Amcrest IP cameras offers seamless integration. All you have to do is scan the QR code located on the camera and then the camera will be added to Camcloud’s cloud software. There is no need to have to worry about network configuration or fiddling around with port forwarding.

The personal plan of the 14 Day Storage is straightforward without any hidden fees. There is unlimited live viewing so there is no worry about cloud waste. Continuous recording makes it clear that you won’t miss out on any important events and have the ability to look back within the past two weeks to see what happened.

Invideon vs Sensr.net

Invideon vs Sensr.net

One of the core tenets of cloud viewing software is the ease of use from setup to surveillance. Sensr.net aims to have the most streamlined possible way of doing all of this in one clean and concise method. Simplicity is at the foundation of both companies.

Sensr.net takes this a step further and breaks everything down into three steps of setup. It starts from the first time you set up a camera on the Sensr system. Once you’ve signed up and have your camera added to the system, you’ll receive FTP information and be given a username and password. Once the camera has been found on your router, you have the ability to tell Sensr when you want to record. The last step is the ability to watch your cameras from either a desktop or smartphone view. There is no need to build out a DNS or configure a firewall either.

The pricing reflects this same type of simplicity with one customizable plan. Four cameras will cost $24.80 a month and come with guaranteed 1 month storage no matter what your other options are set to. Simple SMS and email alerts will let you know when movement is triggered and then you can take the next steps to viewing these images.


A camera is a great thing to have in the ever increasing toolset of cloud solutions. For strict home surveillance, Mangocam is great for having an eye to check out what’s going on inside when you’re not there. Cleaners, deliveries and more are constantly streaming into a busy household – mango makes sure they’re there let you know what’s going on.

Angelcam offers both home solutions and streaming services so that you can show your life to the world if you want to. It has some of the most extensive features for building out a broadcasting system for entertainment uses or personal security sharing.

For people on the go, who don’t want to learn an entire new backend infrastructure – the plug and play mentality of Camcloud allows for the ability to link any of your favorite IP cameras to your system for easy surveillance.