GoToMeeting Alternatives

for Cloud-based Video Conferencing

Jeff Willis

29 July 2017

Video conferencing is arguably one of the most revolutionary concepts in the field of business communications. The advantages of video conferencing services cannot be over-emphasized, and because of its massive benefits, more and more companies across the world utilize this service. One notable video conferencing platform used across the world is GoToMeeting. Though this service undoubtedly offers some of the most advanced solutions in the business communications industry there are some GoToMeeting alternatives you might find more appropriate for your business purposes.

Cloud-based Video Conferencing Explained

Cloud based video conferencing services’ popularity got boosted with the introduction of smart devices. Video conferencing makes the distribution of information easy and thanks to this innovation, anyone can connect to a video conference on a smartphone anywhere in the world and communicate information live.

While there’s a wide range of video conferencing products end users can choose from, one of the key features to look out for before picking one is a responsive help desk. The cloud based video conferencing service is a complex one so a responsive, intuitive 24/7 help desk is a must.

What is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is probably the most renowned video conferencing tool. It provides top-notch solutions in the business communication industry.

However, every “mainstream” software has its overlooked, smaller analogs (as we discussed in the Slack alternatives) which often are not only cheaper but also offer quality service matching their more popular competitors.

The video-conferencing tools listed below provide high-quality cloud-based video conferencing services sometimes at the lower price than the GoToMeeting does.
Whether you want to have a one-on-one chat with your employees or hold a large video conference counting 100 participants, these alternatives will help you achieve your objectives.

Why do we choose GoToMeeting "Starter" Plan for price comparison?

GoToMeeting offers four different pricing plans to choose from, namely: Free plan, Starter plan, Pro and Plus. To hold a fair, “pound-for-pound” comparison of the video conferencing software we are going to review in this article, we will take GoToMeeting’s Starter plan as the main criteria of the price/features ratio offered by these tools.

GoToMeeting Cloud Video Conferencing

Accommodation of up to 10 participants per session


Users enjoy web conference calls, both Audio and HD


Access to video conferences through one click


GoToMeeting “Starter” Plan

WebEx Cloud Video Conferencing

Screen sharing option for more sophisticated experience


HD video conferencing is available to just 8 participants


Users can join form any other video conferencing system


WebEx Premium 8

Zoom Cloud Video Conferencing

This service accommodates up to 100 participants at a time


Doesn’t impose limitations on the conferences’ time-span


Its interface employs effective user management tools


Zoom Pro Plan

UberConference Cloud Video Conferencing

HD Voice and dynamic voice detection


Top-notch analytical tools built into the interface


Users can hold video conferences across 50 countries


UberConference Business Plan

JoinMe Cloud Video Conferencing

You can host an event with 50 participants per time


You can enjoy ten additional live video feeds with this service


Upon registration, you can enjoy unlimited international calls


JoinMe Pro Plan

Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing

Lifesize accommodates up to 25 participants per time


It provides tools and options for recording and sharing


With Lifesize, you will enjoy exceptional customer support


Lifesize Squad Plan

GoToMeeting Alternatives Reviewed

GoToMeeting vs WebEx

GoToMeeting vs WebEx

There is a great deal of similarity between WebEx and GoToMeeting. WebEx has some additional features like file transfer and ability to assign privileges to participants, which GoToMeeting lacks.
In terms of usability, GoToMeeting is very easy and simple to use compared to WebEx which is less intuitive.

WebEx is cheaper in terms of pricing. WebEx cost $19 per month while users will have to pay $49 per month on GoToMeeting for similar services.

GoToMeeting vs Zoom

GoToMeeting vs Zoom

Zoom requires users to download and run files before joining a conversation, unlike GoToMeeting which has an instant join feature. Zoom interface looks chaotic with different programs running at the same time as the meeting.
GoToMeeting offers users 24/7 customer support service from all over the world via email and online support. Zoom offers similar service to clients but at a more reduced rate.
The Pro plan of GoToMeeting is as high as $29 while a similar service cost $19 on Zoom.

GoToMeeting vs UberConference

GoToMeeting vs UberConference

UberConference is well suited for video conferences where participants are from different countries of the world. UberConference video conferencing feature is supported in over 50 countries of the world.

UberConference free plan accommodates up to 10 participants compared to GoToMeeting’s 3. UberConference is cheaper with a monthly plan of $10 while GoToMeeting costs $19 per month.

GoToMeeting vs JoinMe

GoToMeeting vs JoinMe

GoToMeeting offers more quality service in video conferencing but JoinMe offers more control on audio calls.
JoinMe is more suitable for internal conferencing, it’s more flexible to use amidst team members working on similar projects.
JoinMe and GoToMeeting have a similar pricing plan. JoinMe costs $18 to GoToMeeting’s $19 per month.

GoToMeeting vs Lifesize

Asset Panda vs Megaventory

Lifesize comes with its own hardware for video conferencing at the point of purchase, unlike GoToMeeting that has to be connected to a pre-existing hardware.
Lifesize is far more expensive than GoToMeeting, but its software is more user-friendly than Lifesize.
Lifesize has no free plan; the minimum plan cost $29.


GoToMeeting is definitely the foremost Cloud based video conferencing tool but over time many alternatives sprang up offering similar service which has opened up the sector.