If there’s one thing humans aren’t good at, it’s being omnipresent. We mean, there are a lot of things you have to do every day, so it’s not possible for you to be everywhere at the same time. That’s why you need a cloud video monitoring tool, and Angelcam is one of the big players in the industry. But there’s no tool without defects, you just need one that’s better than its competitors at resolving any issues. There are Angelcam alternatives out there, you just need this post to help you make the final purchase decision.

Angelcam Alternatives

Jack Miller

25 February 2018

Cloud Based Video Surveillance: how it works and why someone might need a cloud-based solution for video surveillance

Cloud-based video surveillance involves using special cameras to monitor locations you’ve assigned them to and the data is stored in the cloud. We know, this may be way over your head, but it’s not that hard to understand how the system works. You need a special camera, called an IP camera for this to work.

Since you’re not storing your recordings in an inbuilt memory chip, the IP camera helps to transfer data over the internet to cloud-based servers in different locations. So Angelcam and its alternatives own and manage these servers, how secure a server is from external attacks is a factor you should look at.

There are a few offline video monitoring systems that do something like this but there are lots of reasons you should stick with a cloud-based solution. Firstly, you can access your video and audio files as long as you’re connected to the internet. It’s stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to be in a particular place to view the footage. Also, you can store more data in the cloud and most software companies make regular updates to their servers to protect your information.

What is Angelcam and what we are going to compare it with

Angelcam is a cloud video monitoring tool, it’s a cloud storage option for the security cameras in your home or business. It can connect cameras across different locations, and has options that enable you to manage it all from one source. Its special features definitely make it an authority in this industry, but you’ll still see some alternatives in this post.

Not many applications give the Angelcam a run for its money like Ivideon but there are Ivideon alternatives too. And there are other options like Camcloud and CameraFTP, you’ll see some of their features in this post.

Why do we choose Angelcam Standard Plan for price comparison

There’s a reason why most providers in this review place the pricing page at the top of their website. It’s clear you want to quickly know if you’ll be comfortable with their plans. The Angelcam Standard Plan is a perfect option for price comparison because it allows you share video clips without a data limit and you get camera status notifications when you view from anywhere in the world. These are features even the most basic video monitoring app should have so a standard plan is a fair option for price comparison.

Convert MP3 to WMA and other formats with audio transcoding.

Share video clips with the authorities or insurers with ease.


Get camera status notifications from anywhere and fast forward footage.


Angelcam Standard 30 Plan


Give your friends or loved ones secure access to your cameras.


Download a clip from your archive and share to social media.


Unlimited storage available to record your events for 30 days.


Ivideon Cloud 30


Track every movement with the motion detection functionality.


Know what’s happening in real-time with live view feature.


Mobile app support for notifications and easy synchronization.


Camcloud 30 day storage


Track data with daily camera event report.


Never lose relevant information with camera offline alerting.


Get phone support to help with system setup and troubleshooting.


CameraFTP Professional Image Plan


Share open windows on your computer with participants.


Keep your information safe by transferring files in an encrypted format.


Get unlimited 24/7 tech support to deal with bugs.


SecureVideo Value Plan


Get motion and activity alerts for everything within the area.


Grant family and friends secure access to cameras.


Live video dashboard feature lets you monitor in real-time.


VIAAS Premium Plan

Angelcam vs other Cloud Video Surveillance Services

Angelcam vs Ivideon

Angelcam vs Ivideon

A comparison of the Angelcam with the Ivideon will make a good review post any day, I mean just do a search for Ivideon Alternatives online and you’ll see why this is so. They have a lot in common, sharing video clips is one of them. This helps your share your clips publicly (if that’s safe), or share with selected people like security officials if your stream can help solve a case. Both apps also allow you detect very hidden movements so you don’t miss out on anything. But they also have their differences, for example, the Ivideon Cloud 30 plan grants camera access to four other users, a feature the Angelcam doesn’t have.

With the Angelcam, you can get your audio files in formats like MP3, WAV and M4A but you can’t do this with Ivideon. And the fast forward feature is one you also can’t find on Ivideon, it helps you get to those important moments that have been reported in the notifications. It’s a good fight between these two applications, you can get the Angelcam Standard Plan at $167.88 a year and the Ivideon Cloud 30 plan retails at $199 a year.

Angelcam vs Camcloud

QuickBase vs KissFlow

Camcloud is another cloud based video monitoring app that shares some features with Angelcam. Let’s start with the motion detection feature. It’s a feature you can turn on or off on Camcloud, make sure you select the recording mode so it works. Both apps track all movements and you can see the records on Camcloud in your timeline. And just like other cloud-based tools, you have a live feed you can access from anywhere.

That’s the major feature that differentiates these tools from others that store their recordings on local servers. Both apps also have mobile apps that help you log in and access real-time information. The apps also help with pairing notifications with clips for you to review. Angelcam has a crystal clear sound feature so you should expect a sharper sound quality than that on the Camcloud. And some features on Camcloud won’t work if your camera isn’t supported but Angelcam provides support for up to 90% of camera brands. The Camcloud 30-day storage plan is pegged at $15 a month as compared to the $167.88 a year Angelcam Standard Plan.

Angelcam vs CameraFTP

QuickBase vs Bpm'online

CameraFTP is another cloud video monitoring app in this comparison post. Of course like other apps, both of them support access to your streams as long as you’re connected to the internet. But one feature that makes the CameraFTP very similar to the Angelcam is its status notifications function. The CameraFTP app even supports push notification. So a message is sent to your mobile device and with just a click you’ll get a video recording of what happened during that time. You’ll also get notifications if you made wrong configurations on your camera or if you forgot to renew your subscription so your stream isn’t shut down.

CameraFTP takes this notification feature a bit further by providing a daily camera event report so you get an overview of the important clips for the day. Angelcam still has its unique features with the clean user interface being one of them. It’s easier to download video clips with that than with the processes you’ll discover on the CameraFTP. Get the CameraFTP Professional Image Plan at $9.49 a month and of course the Angelcam Standard Plan at $167.88 a year.

Angelcam vs SecureVideo

QuickBase vs Promapp

And then there’s Secure Video, another cloud video monitoring tool that tries to establish itself as an authority in the medical industry. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have any similarities even though with modifications. Secure Video has a notifications feature called the usage analytics. You can view stats and even filter by date so you get reports of important events that took place even weeks ago.

Both Angelcam and Secure Video permit sharing of files to the public or users with access. Secure Video encrypts your files so it makes them resistant to attack before and after the transfer. But Angelcam doesn’t provide sessions in e-document format so that’s one area Secure Video wins. Secure Video has data limits at least for the Value plan that’s being compared to Angelcam’s. You only get 8 sessions a month and would pay an additional $5 for each session after that, so this is where you’ll love the no data limit feature on the Angelcam. You can get the SecureVideo Value Plan at $25 per month and the Angelcam Standard Plan at $167.88 per year.

Angelcam vs VIAAS

Angelcam vs VIAAS

Then there is VIAAS, the last but definitely not the least in this comparison post. You can bet these tools have a lot in common and you only need to listen to the sound to deal with any doubts in you. Like in the Angelcam, the VIAAS has no data storage limits, you can monitor unlimited sites from the cloud because both apps link all your cameras immediately.

The cameras supported by both tools have to be motion-sensitive so space isn’t spent recording anything. This also helps you get to the action when you’re reviewing video clips. And talking about video clips, both apps support full HD video options so you’re sure to catch even the most hidden movements. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing separating them.

VIAAS provides better performance in dark light with its black and white extended exposure night mode. And though with very similar sound qualities, Angelcam provides more audio formats than what you’ll get on the VIAAS. You can get the VIAAS Premium Plan at $239 per user and of course, the Angelcam Standard Plan at $167.88 per year.


If you think a cloud video surveillance solution isn’t worth spending on, imagine these scenarios. You’re working on the weekend in a different city and you have kids at home. The only way to really know how they’re doing is by installing these cameras so you can see everything, calling after a few hours can’t do that. Hiring people to keep watch when you have a business in an open area is quite expensive, especially for a startup but installing these cameras would get the job done and at a lower cost. If you have files in your office that you don’t want to be stolen, a surveillance camera keeps it secure even when you aren’t there.